What Is Bitcoin and How Does it Work?

In layman’s terms: Bitcoin is a digital currency. That’s a concept that might be more complex than you realize: it isn’t simply an assigned value of money stored in a digital account, like your bank account or credit line. Bitcoin has no corresponding physical element, like coins or paper bills (despite the popular image of… Read More »

Cryptocurrency Miners Exploiting WordPress Sites

During the last month, the information security media has paid a lot of attention to cryptocurrency mining malware. The Wordfence team has been monitoring the situation, and we are now starting to see attacks attempting to upload mining malware, and site cleaning customers that are already infected. In this post, you’ll learn what cryptocurrency mining… Read More »

Is your NBN plan delivering promised speeds?

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has pledged to get tough on any internet service providers that mislead consumers about National Broadband Network speeds. But how do you know if you’re getting a good deal when you connect to the NBN? How do you know if you’ll be getting the high-speed connection you were promised?… Read More »

NBN rollout: A Digital Lottery

The troubled rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) is creating a digital divide in communities across Australia. NBN chief Bill Morrow has told Four Corners that high-speed fibre connections are technologically superior to the copper and cable which links most Australians to the new broadband network. He also conceded that the fast pace of… Read More »

What is Brute Force Hacking?

Simple brute force This type of attack involves the hacker trying to log in using your user ID with every possible password in turn. Most good systems note that the same person has tried to log in unsuccessfully too many times and lock the account, either for a few minutes or an extended period of… Read More »

Watch out for NBN scams

The ACCC is warning the community that scammers are pretending to be from NBN to con victims out of their money and personal information. Scamwatch has received 316 complaints this year about scammers impersonating NBN with nearly $28,000 reported lost. “Scammers are increasingly using trusted government brands like NBN to trick people into falling for… Read More »

Increase in online credit card fraud

Online credit card fraud increased significantly in 2016 with criminals netting $417.6 million, up from $363 million in 2015. The new finding has been revealed by The Australian Payments Network in its annual fraud data report. Other key findings included the overall amount of fraud on Australian cards cost $534 million, up from $461 million last… Read More »