Fake ASIC emails targeting users | Stay Smart Online

Scammers are continuing to target Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) Registry customers with fake emails that attempt to obtain money and personal information. ASIC has posted on its website an example of a scam email that claims to come from the ‘ASIC Messaging Service’ and has the subject line ‘Renewal’. The fake message appears… Read More »

How Hackers Access your accounts without a Password

If you’ve ever logged into an app or service by using your Google/Facebook/Twitter account in lieu of creating a new username and password, you’ve opened up the app permissions hole. This feature is fine and good—it lets you worry about fewer passwords and sometimes is necessary for apps that work directly with your other account.… Read More »

Fake ATO emails carrying ransomware

Researchers are warning of a widely distributed email that claims to be from the Australian Taxation Office but actually aims to infect computers with malicious software.The researchers say the malicious email tries to trick recipients by claiming their Business Activity Statements (BAS) are available to view, and includes a link that claims to enable recipients… Read More »